Widows Dark Side

The Widows Dark Side is deep in the woods in Whispering Valley where the Old Winslow’s place lies. It is said that widow Winslow sits and waits for visitors to enter her home….can you survive the evil that is unleashed. You never know what to expect with carnage lurking around every corner ready to pounce on the unknowing. DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO ENTER??
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Undead Annihilation

1394366_659665870731059_1584380567_nThe blood lust that controlled the patients of Whispering Valley Hospital didn’t cease – even with the patients’ deaths, it continues to haunt them. The concrete and iron crypts built to house the dead’s remains couldn’t contain their cravings. Now, some of these corpses have risen from the grave to wander the cemetery, looking for fresh victims. It’s your job to end their reign of terror. you will be sent- fully armed- into the graveyard to dispatch these soulless ghouls and send them to Oblivion. That is, unless they get you first…
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Whispering Valley Asylum for the Criminally Insane

insane_final This asylum was graciously donated to the town by Augustus and Victoria Winslow as a gesture of good will after the Winslow factory damaged the health and welfare of Whispering Valley’s residents with toxic waste. But after a security breach and years of mismanagement and patient abuse, it’s now just a haven for mayhem. The building is in ruins, and lunacy now rules the facility. the patients’ conditions have gone from mere toxic waste exposure to full-blown murderous insanity, and they have developed a taste for blood. the medical staff has been brutally disposed of, and now these patients stalk the halls searching for more victims to satisfy their hellish hunger. Can your heart stand to witness this horrible display? Will you be able to save yourself should one of these maniacs choose you for their next meal?
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About Us

Dam B Haunted Village was born in 2009 and is ready to terrify thousands of innocent souls from Southeast Texas and beyond. Kevin Irvin the creator of Dam B Haunted Village, has spent hundred of hours and many sleepless nights creating a top of the line multi-element haunted attraction. Our goal at the Dam B Haunted Village is to entertain adults and teens alike. However, many scenes are graphic and very frightening and not recommended for small children. Dam B Haunted Village thanks our patrons for our success and looks forward to entertaining you for years to come!

We Are Open

Dam B Haunted Village will be open every Friday and Saturday evening in October from sunset to midnight, as well as Halloween night! Online ticket sales always available one week before Opening Night! We’ll also have Trick ‘r Treat for the kids Halloween evening from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Ticket Prices

– $10 + tax for one attraction
– $15 + tax for two attractions
– $20 + tax for all three attractions
– $35 + tax for VIP

VIP Tickets

VIP Ticket Holders do not have to wait in line, and move directly to the front of the line for all attractions. Tickets are available at the gate and online. to buy online CLICK HERE and skip the ticket line!

Dam B Events

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Open Night 2016

Saturday, October 01, 2016 at 7:30 pm

Opening night 2016...


Dam B Haunted Village is located at 12420 Hwy 190 East in Woodville, TX.

From Jasper:
12 miles West of Hwy 96, on the left 1 mile past the lake

From Woodville:
12 miles East of Hwy 69, on the right ¼ mile past Hwy 92

From Silsbee:

North on Hwy 92, 32 miles to flashing light at Hwy 190. Make right on Hwy 190, ¼ mile on the right.

From Beaumont:
North on Hwy 69/287 for 44 miles. 96 Business proceed to 92.  You’ll be glad you made the drive!

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